Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) Inc. is a community legal centre specialising in financial services, particularly individual cases and policy issues related to consumer credit, banking and debt recovery. It is the only such Centre in NSW, and it has a particular focus on issues that affect vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers. The Consumer Credit Legal Centre also operates the Insurance Law Service, a national consumer advice service about insurance.

As a community legal centre the Consumer Credit Legal Centre is largely government funded and independently managed by a voluntary Management Committee. We provide a combination of information, advice, casework, and education to assist consumers. We also conduct research and collect data from our extensive contact with consumers and the legal consumer protection framework to lobby for changes to law and industry practice for the benefit of consumers. We employ both financial counsellors and solicitors to provide a better service to our clients.

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Financial Counselling
  • Legal Advice
  • Casework Assistance
  • Caseworker Information