CCLC has a strong involvement in policy and law reform in the area of consumer credit, debt and banking. Our advice and casework services inform the Centre’s policy priorities.

We promote reforms in regulation, policy and industry practices that will help create a fairer marketplace for consumers of financial services, particularly disadvantaged consumers. In addition, we make submissions to government and industry, participate in working groups, comment on draft legislation, undertake research, refer unfair practices and systematic issues to regulators and/or industry groups for investigation, and raise awareness through the media.

While successfully advocating for a number of individual clients, we have effectively harnessed the knowledge obtained in this process to lobby for systemic protection from problematic practices. We regularly communicate with regulators such as the OFT, ASIC and the ACCC in a combination of formal meetings (such as the Consumer Credit Code Working Party), written submissions to government initiated reviews, publishing reports on our own initiative and other ad hoc consultation.

CCLC Submissions

Submission: Draft Terms of Reference for the Financial Services Inquiry

Submission: Access to Justice Arrangements (Productivity Commission)

Submission: Performance Review of ASIC

Submission: Joint-Consumer submission to the Independent Review of FOS

Submission: Joint-Consumer Response to Changes to Disclosure Requirements

Submission: Joint-Consumer Response to Credit Reporting Code

Submission: Access to Insurance for Low Income Australians

Submission: Federal Court Fee Increases

Submission: Point of Sale Retailer Exeptions

Submission: Consumer Leases

Submission: Exposure Drafts of the National Consumer Credit Protection Amendment (Credit Reform Phase 2) Bill 2012

Submission: Independent Review of the Centrepay Scheme (2013).

Responsible lending practices in relation to consumer credit cards : Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement.

Personal Property Securities Regulations 2008.

Personal Property Securities Bill 2008.

Green Paper : Financial Services and Credit Reform – Improving, Simplifying and Standardising Financial Services and Credit Regulation.

Productivity Commission Review of the Consumer Protection Framework.


We have also regularly undertaken major research and policy projects that further analyse systemic issues identified in our advice and casework service, such as:

  • April 2007 “Credit Reporting: getting it right for consumers”, which compiled and categorised the experiences of consumers as reported by caseworkers in consumer assistance agencies, and to analyse those experiences in the context of current credit reporting practices, the law and the surrounding regulatory framework.
  • April 2004 “Report into Debt Collection”, which reviewed the law in relation to debt collection, and consulted with industry and consumer stakeholders. The report made a number of recommendations to address issues of concern.
  • March 2003 “A report to ASIC on the finance and mortgage broker industry ”, which examined some key aspects of the broker industry in Australia as well as consumer issues that arise out of the use of broker services.